THE CAP, legacy

The product of our hard work, tests, and fails. A project that lived with us for years. We made this cap to fit various lifestyles and situations.

Catching those great vibes by the sea under the palms or working in the office. It is suitable for everyone. Who wants to follow our vision of living the best life possible.

UNIQUE, details.

Velour was used for the main logo. We want to feel fab everywhere we go. So why not velour?

Front snap lace, put by our bare hands, will give you that funky edge in the streets.

Unique number, unique piece. Only 10 in the world, so every cap matters.

Adjustable size – fits for fall

HUMAN, craft.

Hand finished details – make all the difference.

Unique & made for you.

Sorry to to tell… it’s a legacy now.

Gudlife The cap